We use only professional equipment – and do not take shortcuts in our transfers

The 8mm film transfer process does not happen automatically -- as many people assume. Our film transfers are professionally monitored, at all times, in order to obtain the best possible result. The transfer operator continually adjusts the light and makes any necessary adjustments rapidly.

We achieve superb results on our Super 8 and 8mm film transfers, and 35mm slide transfers

- All films are meticulously and professionally hand-cleaned (unless otherwise specified by our customer.)
- Initial manual color correction (automated with manual override) is performed on transfers.
- A secondary manual color restoration is optional.
- Image focused from center all the way to the four corners so that it's free of vignetting and hot-spot effects
- Steady and flicker-free images on all our transfers of Super-8 and Normal-8 films.
- We also offer High Definition transfers onto Blu-ray (if customer selects that option.)

PAL transfer also available! (scroll down to 'AVI EDITING'...)

Our professional team is:

Marco Hobi
Karin Kessler
Petra Tschirky

Marco Hobi joined our FilmFix-Team in 2006!

We are proud to say that Mr. Hobi represents in Switzerland. Marco Hobi has all the qualifications required to maintain FilmFix's reputable high standard of quality and superior customer care. Customers continually hold him in high regard. He earned a Bachelor's degree in audio-engineering and is throughly experienced in the art, and science, of film transferring and editing. Mr. Hobi is an excellent addition to our Team.

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Jean N Courtens

We are a small company comprised of a husband and wife team. The two of us, personally, care for your film, tape or slide transfer - from beginning to end. Our customers appreciate the individualized attention we give, and they continually let us know how much they value it. We are confident most large companies cannot give you the same amount of care and attention -- therein lies our reward!

Jean Nathaniel Courtens, Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography and Motion Picture (Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA - 1996). Since then Nathaniel has received various honors and awards in: producing, directing, editing and cinematography.

Laura Courtens - administrative coordinator and accounting

To contact Laura or Jean Nathaniel Courtens, please click here: email