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23. Avril 2020

I was looking for a professional slide digitizing company to scan my favorite 35mm slides taken over the past 40 years. I selected FilmFix.com to digitize my slides after reading a review by a photographer that compared several well-known scanning companies, including FilmFix.com, and after speaking and emailing with Nathaniel and Laura Courtens, the two owners of FilmFix.com. Nathaniel is a professional photographer who studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography. I was impressed with their quick and detailed responses to my questions. Plus, FilmFix.com offers a state-of-the-art digitizing service that few other companies offer - FilmFix.com uses a Sony a7R IV full frame camera to digitize slides at 61 megapixels. Upon request, they provided RAW (ARW) images (35 mb) in addition to the typical high resolution jpeg (7.5 mb) and TIFF (340 mb) images that are provided at the same price per slide. RAW images can be edited more extensively than jpeg and TIFF images in Capture One, Lightroom, and other digital photography programs. Thus, photographers can readily improve upon their original photographs or restore them if there is some fading. The availability of RAW image files sets FilmFix.com apart from most other companies. Furthermore, they carefully cleaned each slide before digitizing, provided great customer service, and quickly digitized and returned the originals and digitized files. I highly recommend FilmFix.com for professional, high quality digitizing of 35mm film slides.

Greg Ruggerone

Kenmore, WA

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