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3. März 2019

FilmFix did a wonderful job converting dozens of Super 8mm film reels into 1080 digital format. Communication was great. They kept me informed through each stage of the process and sent sample frames of the results to help me make an informed decision about the services and steps available. When the completed project arrived on my doorstep, I spent a day reviewing many of the videos, and I must say, the results are amazing. The color and clarity are far better than I remember them ever being when we used the old projector. All original materials were returned so I could transcribe notes from the little boxes and reels. I sent a sample off to my parents, and over FaceTime, I got to watch my brother see footage of himself as a toddler for the first time. I really appreciate that they put so much effort into this project - it means a lot to me and my family. I enthusiastically recommend FilmFix to others.

Rob Caldwell
Washington, DC

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