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Upscaling SD auf HD

There are two advantages to having your video transfer upscaled from SD to Full-HD (1080i.)

1) Image quality

The upscaled image will look better, sharper and have less of a jagged edge. It will be especially noticeable on the diagonal lines – provided they are seen on an HD TV (or UHDTV.) The video image treatment for upscaling requires extensive computer processing time – even with a speedy computer. We do it -- at no extra charge. Overall, we think it is worth it. Please keep in mind, it does not bring a miraculous result but it's clearly improved.

2) Allows for an added option – due to the image now being “wide-screen”, we can address the black side bars and make image appear full-framed (losing the black side bars)

We can keep your image in its original (generic) 3:4 aspect ratio with black side-bars flanking your image. Or, we can work with it and stretch the image out filling in those black side bar areas with a very muted and blurred image. The image will now stretch out to edge of the new, wider screen. You may notice this technique is becoming quite commonly used when viewing videos which were recorded vertically (or, upright.) There is a nominal $3.00 per-tape fee for this added option.

Additional image enhancement consideration for cameras that did not offer internal image stabilization capability

It makes a noticeable difference, especially if the camera operator did not have a very smooth and steady hand, or they were filming on the go (as in walking, boating, or riding in a car.) We crop only 4% of the image’s outermost edge to obtain this steadied image. It becomes more pleasurable to watch. However, a distinct disadvantage for adding this image stabilization occurs when a camera’s internal “superimposed date on image” function was enabled. If we apply it in this instance, the date will be visibly jumping around, during playback. This can be distracting. If you like the idea of this option, please let us know and we’ll price it out for you. It’s not currently part of our estimation tool. (Note: This option also takes a great amount of computer processing time and could add time to your order turn-around.)

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