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Film Reels to transfer

In the boxes below, please specify the number of film reels you would like us to transfer making certain to use the correct fields which correspond to each reel's length.
50 feet (15 meters)   approximate 3.6 minutes 
100 feet (30 meters)   approximate 7.2 minutes 
200 feet (60 meters)   approximate 14.4 minutes 
300 feet (90 meters)   approximate 21.6 minutes 
400 feet (120 meters)   approximate 28.8 minutes 
600 feet (180 meters)   approximate 43.2 minutes 
830 feet (250 meters)   approximate 57.5 minutes 

Film Cleaning

We highly recommend your film be cleaned.

Film Transfer onto:

Select from below onto which medium you would like your film transferred.

Enter the number of how many recordings you would like.

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